Havana Day Dreamers, Inc.
Promoting men's health through education, research and prevention.
Havana Day Dreamers, Inc.

The concept for Havana Day Dreamers was developed after our founder, Scott Shields, made a trip to Chicago in 2006.  Scott was the guest of Charles Jones, Dean of Kendall University, at a Chicago-based fundraiser.  This fundraiser was centered on area businessmen with a history of charitable giving, a commitment to networking, and a passion for fine cigars.

Scott was so impressed with these gentlemen’s commitment to raising money for important causes that he began to contemplate the creation of a new organization that would center its fundraising efforts on men’s health issues.  Since Scott also had a passion for fine cigars he enlisted the help of several prominent area businessmen with a similar passion to aid in the creation of Havana Day Dreamers, Inc.  After several meetings Havana Day Dreamers was founded in the summer of 2007 for the purposes of promoting men’s health through education, research and prevention.

The organization tested the fund raising waters on Thursday, August 23rd, 2007 with its inaugural fundraiser for a select group of area residents.  The reception to this concept was fantastic with this small group raising more than $2,500 to aid in the fight against prostate cancer.

With our course now set and resolve stronger than ever, Havana Day Dreamers looks forward to establishing itself as the premier organization in the fight for men’s health.

Thanks for all the support thus far.  We are just getting started!